Kokane & Sugar free been in the game for a minute now . Both are from Pomona CA, They finally came together and collaborated on there first album together called SUGAKAN.

Both have represented the west coast well . This new album will knock your socks off so when it drops be sure to grab it .

Kokane history in the game is nothing short of great he’s featured with the best of them . He’s a global name in hiphop . He’s been in movies did shows all over the country . His name ring with snoop dogg , e40 , eazy e , above the law , the dogg pound and many many more . He has 2 single out right now one with 187 from above the law and Kool rock ski from the fat boys. Goto his website to grab some hot shit .

Go support the ogs with the pay per view that’s coming up .

Hit the link below


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