Tupac , biggie , jam master jay , big l , Mac dre , etc . To many are dieing to gun violence.

Why artist can’t just get in the booth and serve each other on the mic instead of using bullets .

You would think when they get all that money it would change there way of thinking , it doesn’t. We have to figure out how can we come to a happy medium with out killing each for some street shit that should have been resolved after they got all that money .

We need to get back to knucklen up , don’t be scared to loose a fight atleast you can come back and fight the next day . If you get killed you can’t. We are teaching our young generation the wrong way out .

The og in the street have failed our youngsters its time we get together a figure this stuff out because if we don’t

Are kids are doomed .

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  1. Time to go back to the basics and put God’s first. With god no one is going to make it he is talking to all of us.

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