Sada baby & 42 dugg beef

Why does it has to be beef in hip hop . Mo3 should be a eye opener that this shit is real out there . I hate see this artist get killed it doesn’t make since .

I say instead of the shoot um up bang bang box it out back yard stile let go old school to looser get action back when they want to with no if and or buts .

This will let us kno whole really with the shit . So what if you loose aleast you get to come get action again .

We loosing our young man by the hundreds if we don’t figure it out our kids kids will not have a future. Click link for more !


Tupac , biggie , jam master jay , big l , Mac dre , etc . To many are dieing to gun violence.

Why artist can’t just get in the booth and serve each other on the mic instead of using bullets .

You would think when they get all that money it would change there way of thinking , it doesn’t. We have to figure out how can we come to a happy medium with out killing each for some street shit that should have been resolved after they got all that money .

We need to get back to knucklen up , don’t be scared to loose a fight atleast you can come back and fight the next day . If you get killed you can’t. We are teaching our young generation the wrong way out .

The og in the street have failed our youngsters its time we get together a figure this stuff out because if we don’t

Are kids are doomed .


He’s back

its hard to come back from a injury . It takes a lot out of you but only the strong can survive and keak is strong with the right people behind him he can come back and twist the game again .

We miss that style of rap you bring to the table there’s none like him . Let’s support the legend like we should .

Yay Area (Da Thug Misses) bringing that heat with her single 99 problem and u ain’t one feat Mista Fab & Hitta Slim

The bay area is on fire with new music Da Thug misses has thats gangsta flow and that sexy look killing the rap scene.

The West coast hasn’t really had a female artist to really put it down in a while . Thug misses can come and represent the west in a hungry fashion. Her microphone skills speaks for its self .

When her new video drop it will set the record straight that she is coming so get ready for her to be around for a long time . Check her out with hitta slim below .